Sena disapproves with 'Ghar wapsi' of Nitish Kumar

Published: July 28, 2017 - 17:57


Reacting to the return of Janata Dal (United) to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) fold, the Shiv Sena in its editorial today fired a sardonic salvo at the new tie-up and said both the BJP and the JDU, who are brimming with bonhomie presently, in the past two years left no stone unturned in bringing each other down. "Amit Shah said that if Nitish Kumar wins Pakistan would celebrate, so is Pakistan celebrating now? Seems like the BJP has itself made Pakistan happy by collaborating with Nitish," edit says. Shiv Sena whose relationship with bio is not at all good, is disturbed as bio got another formidable ally in British. There are reports that 2 JD(U) members may be inducted in union cabinet, which is sending tremors in Sena camp having 16 MPs but just one Minister. Taking an opportunity, Sena fired a salvo on BJP using the word Pakistan's celebration and British victory.