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So where was Ram Lalla born?
Amit Sengupta Delhi

Panchayat elections are no more about power to the people. This carnival is drenched in a heady cocktail of liquor, cash, caste, and cash-rich development schemes
Sadiq Naqvi Bijnor (UP)

How can two deities occupy one place? The court says the place under the central dome is the birthplace of Lord Ram (swayambhoo deity) — as many have believed since the last few centuries — and, it also gives the benefit of limitation to the other deity as well
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

By not letting Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi campaign in Bihar, Nitish has managed to make inroads into the Muslim community
Akash Bisht Delhi

Has India moved on? “No,” said Farah Naqvi, member, National Advisory Council. “I thought the entire Indian society has chosen to accept this judgement. I refused to believe that it was true. Will there never be justice, especially for the Muslims of India?”
Amit Sengupta Delhi

While China and India slug it out for oil in Africa, with China running far ahead, multinational ethics seems to have taken a long dirty dip
Meha Dixit Delhi

No one wants hysteria or violence in Ayodhya. The Hindutva game is up. But the uncanny unease is deceptive
Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

Faith as basis of the Ayodhya judgement is perfectly justified. The government should be forced to bring an amendment to bar the construction of any structure other than those connected with the Ram temple at Ayodhya
Subramanian Swamy Chennai

The great dream of the Congress for a grand resurgence in the Hindi heartland might take a deadly dip after its cautious middle ground stance on Ayodhya
Akash Bisht Delhi

‘Ram Lalla’, a Hindu deity, was party to a legal battle over a property dispute. Can this phenomenon stand the rigours of rationality, logic and justice?
Neha Rathi Delhi

Students at the University of Mumbai might take Aditya Thackeray’s soft launch with a big pinch of salt
Aritra Bhattacharya Mumbai

An umbrella coalition of farmers and friends are marching through the vast Indian landscape to resist the neo-liberal policies of the current regime. It’s a journey where every beginning is a revelation
Aritra Bhattacharya Ahmedabad/ Jabalpur/ Wardha