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Was Alexei there? He was seen, he was with the Iron Guard. But there were no witnesses left among the Jews. So who can tell?
Poornima Joshi Delhi 

After putting in Rs 15,000 on each acre, I will barely be able to get three quintals of cotton. How do I survive if I don’t take loans from the moneylender? A quintal of cotton fetches merely Rs 3,200’
Akash Bisht and Sadiq Naqvi Yavatmal

Vetted by modern and ayurvedic science, the mantle of greatness has finally fallen upon the modest coconut. To this re-anointed icon of the 21st century, obeisance must be paid
Ratna Raman Delhi

Forest officials in TadobaAndhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra are using LPG connections and solar fences to keep villagers and tigers from straying into each other’s territory
AkashBisht/Sadiq Naqvi Chandrapur