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In the death of former chief minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit, the media has lost a good friend. Though she was unwell for a while, her end came rather soon. Just a day before her death, she was battling it out with the central leadership on how to revive the Congress party after the numbing loss in the 2019 elections. Dikshit contested the Lok Sabha elections and seemed like a winner, but she suffered the same fate as that of other Congress candidates when she lost by a big margin.

Kamal Nayan Kabra, New Delhi

Recall the long-forgotten presidential speech on August 15, 1947, by the Constituent Assembly chairman, Dr Rajendra Prasad. This speech can hardly be improved upon as the national charter for creating a vibrant, humane and progressive India. It is a coherent and comprehensive expression of all that humanity may aspire for.

Javaid Naikoo, Srinagar

 Rizwan Asad Pandit, 30, a resident of Pulwama in south Kashmir, is the latest victim of an interrogation centre in Kashmir. On March 17, the Jammu and Kashmir police picked up Rizwan during a raid on his home and reportedly shifted him to Cargo, a counter-insurgency police station and interrogation centre in Srinagar.

Hardnews Bureau, Delhi

Can she change the fortune of the Congress party in UP in the days to come?

Financial Accountability Network India has welcomed the Reserve Bank of India’s decision to remove charges for the RTGS and NEFT transactions and to form a committee under the chairmanship of Chief Executive Officer, Indian Banks’ Association, to “examine the entire gamut of ATM charges and fees”.

“As a group of civil societies, unions, NGOs and peoples movements, it has been our longstanding demand from the RBI and the government that it look into the matter of bank charges and take immediate actions to remove all the charges,” said the network in a statement. 

Ashish Kajla, New Delhi


In early April, I traveled to Deoband in western UP, famous for its Islamic seminary, to attend the first joint ‘Mahagathbandan’ rally. The road to the venue, where the three parties decided to come together to show unity and solidarity, was marked by small jathas carrying party flags, joyfully and energetically trudging to hear their leaders. This was no rent-a-crowd.

The other one, Borges, is the one to whom things happen … It would be an exaggeration to say that our relationship is hostile; I live, I keep on living, so that Borges can weave his literature, and that literature justifies me.

The web series ‘Yeh Meri Family’ marks the resurrection of a heart and soul era which has been buried by the compulsive and vacuous addictions of WhatsApp and Facebook



Amit Sen Gupta

So, don’t say, they did not warn you! India – be prepared


Even as the Easter blasts have shocked the country and the world, the Sri Lankan government has been caught napping even while they ignored a intelligence tip-off

The staggered election schedule shows that EC has made light of the harm fake news can do to the electoral outcome

The ongoing saga of CBI has not really unearthed significant insight into ways the agency is compromised. The media discourse suggests that the ruling party [largely PM and his associates] try to choose a Director who follows their diktats. All the efforts by the Supreme Court and reformers is thus aimed at ensuring fair selection to this important post.

There are different ways to rig elections and from Bangladesh to other countries, authoritarian figures are mastering it all over the world. Can our Election Commission rebuild trust?

As the race to win 2019 elections  intensifies, there are rumors that the law enforcement agencies might arrest some of the leaders that are being probed on charges of corruption. How fair then 2019 elections be? 

Her entry into politics delayed by demonetisation and surgical strikes, Priyanka Gandhi is in active politics to transform Congress’s fortunes in coming elections. Can she do it?

In 1999, a caretaker Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee led India to war at Kargil against Pakistani intruders. BJP led coalition won handsomely in those polls. Will that template be repeated after Pulwama?