In the Magazine: Finite terror Infinite tragedy


Ten Outsiders: How many Insiders?
The Indian government is leaning heavily on the West. This spells bad news. It will force us to fight un-winnable, highly destructive wars with damaging, long-term consequences

Sanjay Kapoor Delhi


Why is the police and intelligence apparatus in Mumbai not being held accountable for their brazen inefficiency before and after the Mumbai terror attacks?

Gajanan Khergamker Mumbai

Rise from the ASHES!

While shameless politicians sink into ‘Pawar play', Mumbai resurrects like a whistle in the dark

Rupa Gulab Mumbai

Turning POINT

It will soon be transparent to India that an entire edifice of a foreign policy cannot be underpinned by a single India-US partnership

Zorawar Daulet Singh Delhi

NIA & UAPA: How effective?

UPA's repackaged terror law based on POTA will be as ineffective in preventing, pre-empting or combating terror

Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi

Don't Hail HYSTERIA!

The media will have to choose between responsible reporting and mindless sensationalism

Herbert Traxyl Delhi

‘What I have not seen is - CHANGE!'

The simmering wounds of the Batla House ‘fake' encounter are still fresh, even as the Congress scrapes through at Jamia Nagar

Samarth Pathak Delhi


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