Hung Parliament


Hung Parliament: People's Mandate

There are scores of questions after the Mumbai carnage. The hollow edifice of the Indian political system is under scrutiny. A wave of anger, disgust and urge for change is sweeping the inner layers of the country. Will it all express itself in the next parliament?

Sanjay Kapoor Delhi, Hardnews


Fractured verdict, future tense

So what happens after the hung Lok Sabha verdict of May 2009? This is what happens

May 15, 2009. The future is here.

Results to all the Parliament seats have been declared. The Congress and the BJP have hung on to the same number of seats that they had in the last Parliament. A depressing 143 for the Congress and a miserable 130 for the BJP. The UPA and NDA, too, do not have the numbers to form the government without the support of the truncated and devalued Left parties or the mercurial and ambitious Mayawati.

Hardnews Bureau


Third time unlucky Front?

The Left's hope of cobbling together a mythical Third Front seems as elusive as ever

Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi, Hardnews