Underbelly UNDERDOG!


Amit Sengupta, Delhi


Nothing Dog-matic About it

It's Darknes at noon at Dharavi, the world's biggest slumAnd hope trickles like wounds simmering inside the labyrinth of hopeless deadlines

Prabhat Sharan, Mumbai


DreamsDogs of Seemapuri

In this sub-human realm of decay, dying and decline, bloom a million dreams of a better and beautiful life. Will this ever be possible?

Akash Bisht, Delhi


The Wild Dogged Ones

Brutalised and abused, they love their freedom. Hiding the obsessive longing to become Bollywood superstars

Samarth Pathak, Delhi


Slumdogmas, them all

Till dusk, niveli fills her garbage bag with bits of plastic,metal and paper, before she leaves for home. After washing up, she dresses up in a clean saree complete with gold ornaments to boot , two gold chains, eight gold bangels, three gold rings and a heavy gold mangalsutra- and sits outside to gossip

Gajanan Khergamker, Mumbai


Mother India and other India

There is no villian in slumdog millionaire. There are pimps and rouge policemen but no politically identifiable villian.

Javed Naqvi, Delhi