Plotics of Sleaze


The capital is agog with rumours about the presence of a DVD that has some senior UPA ministers and businessmen cavorting with a stunningly beautiful Indian beauty queen. The video, shot in a guest house of a businessman in Delhi, shows the attractive woman, a non-resident Indian, engaged in what has been described as "consensual sex" with some of these worthies. The DVD is quite graphic. And those who have seen it, claim that it could destroy the family and political lives of some of those who figure in it. In the event of an exposure, the DVD could devastate the share prices of the companies that the participants in the romp own. Interestingly, those who figure in the sleazy video are aware of being trapped by the businessman who owns the guest house as well as the ramp walking model. What is also intriguing is why the owner of the guest house chose to do a sting on his business rivals and political friends. Quite evidently, the model was also involved in this operation. Those who know claim that even the girl had wired herself with camera in some cases.

A person who claimed to have seen the video accosted one of them. Initially, he feigned ignorance. Then he recounted some of his exchanges with the model. As soon as he heard him, his face fell and since then he has never been the same again. Others who figure in the video, too, are staying away from limelight. What is being watched is how this DVD could impact the politics and businesses of these people? Political sources claim that the DVD has enormous blackmail potential and it will be interesting to track the fortunes of those who figure in it.