Their patriotism is fake

Published: January 31, 2011 - 17:51 Updated: January 31, 2011 - 17:53

Trust the BJP to go for a most retrograde form of protest and choose a conflict zone geography where the wounds of the 110 young men shot dead by the police are still so alive, raw and simmering. This party is proving to be more extremist, Rightwing, Ku Klux Klanish, fascist and neo-Nazi, then what it pretends to be. Its umbilical linkages with the RSS-VHP-Bajrang Dal and its multiple hydra-headed octopus-like fronts are not symbolic; it is rooted, structured, embryonic, integral, layered, controlled by the basic language, doctrine and inner life of hate politics. They drink, eat, pray and sleep with Muslim bashing. They seem to enjoy every time the community suffers or is alienated. They glorify and support the mass murderers and rapists of Gujarat. How patriotic is it to murder, burn, hack and rape innocent Indians, as in the Gujarat genocide, 2002? 

They lack basic decency and discretion. Look at what they are doing to Dr Binayak Sen when the whole world is supporting his cause. Indeed, why should they choose Kashmir to hoist the tricolour when the dark memories of the young boys killed still haunts the landscape like a tragedy which keeps coming back in waves? This is the same lady who had earlier said she would shave off her head, sleep on the ground and eat only chana if Sonia Gandhi becomes prime minister. She repeated her threat recently. Pray, how much more retrograde can you get? 

Indeed, this party stands for the most retrograde, archaic, patriarchal, anti-woman and anti-progressive ethos, bereft of values of modernity, moronish, and oxymorons, picking up causes which go against the stream of basic democratic conduct and rationality. Indeed, the RSS, which is their patriarchal god and temple, never really had any love lost for the tricolour - there are documented evidences to prove that. This farce enacted by the BJP on the tricolour is transparently fake as the fact that the tricolour has never been unfurled at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur before 2003. These people would always hold their bhagwa-saffron flag as supreme, and their own specific cultish prayers as the main prayer of the Sangh. 

The RSS and Sangh Parivar leaders did not sacrifice one inch in the freedom movement, even while thousands of communists, revolutionaries, Congress freedom fighters, young and old, went to jail, got smashed by the police, went into exile, were condemned to death, including in the torture chambers of the kala pani of Andamans. The RSS was busy glorifying the holocaust and Adolf Hitler when Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru were hanged, and so were scores of revolutionaries across the Indian landscape, from Punjab to Bengal. It did not participate in the freedom movement, nor in the idealism of the post-Independence era. No wonder, Nehru, Patel, Maulana Azad and others distrusted them from the core of their political consciousness. So did Gandhi, who had the courage to walk barefoot in the bloody ravages of Noakhali - he did not go there to inflame wounds or create more mayhem and communal polarisations. Something the BJP leaders were obsessively plotting by taking the march to Kashmir. 

In fact, martyrdom or sacrifice is not their cup of tea. They have no history of sacrificing their bodies and souls for the poor, or against State repression. They flourish under their own regimes, penetrating institutions, subverting systems, communalising secular platforms, saffronising education and media, vitiating the atmosphere which takes years to transform. 

Look at the cold-blooded communalised police system in Gujarat. And why only the genocide, look at the way a section of the top police brass of Gujarat, aligned with Narendra Modi, killed in cold blood Ishrat Jahan and three others, Soharabuddin, his wife, Kauserbi and Prajapati. 

RSS is not a cultural organisation, as it claims, but a seedy outfit which basically operates like a secret cult, and lives in a medieval time warp, untouched by modernity's complexities. It is also a truth that almost all enquiry commissions on communal violence in India - from Bhagalpur, Jamshedpur to Bhiwandi, Meerut -have found the invisible and visible hand of fanatic mobs aligned with this extremist outfit. Indeed, after the direct linkages of RSS leaders (what was Indresh doing at the BJP headquarters last month, while Nitin Gadkari, himself a RSS man, fawning over him, and others touching his feet) with the terrorists of bomb blasts across the nation, why is the Indian State still going soft on them?

This story is from print issue of HardNews