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Published: February 7, 2013 - 17:25

A brief introduction of a few new releases in the world of books

Souzeina Mushtaq Delhi


Book: Jobless Clueless Reckless

Author: Revathi Suresh

Price: Rs. 175

Publisher: Duckbill

Genre: Fiction 

Kavya is like any other confused growing teenager who is trying to come on terms with her life, things and people around her; her brother, who has a strange name, her father who has cut himself off from the family, her motherwho wants them to be a recluse, her house address which is named after a canyon in the US. 

She is also trying to cope up with the sudden disappearance of her friend Manisha, who, her friends think is an imaginary character. Her friends consider her crazy and eccentric because of her weird tastes. 

She hopes that she will survive everything, including Kiran, one of her friends, whom everyone seems to have a liking for, and Indu, who seems to be impossible to bear with. 

Amidst all the dilemmas of a typical teenage life, Kavya tries to scratch her life and start all over again. In the quest for peace, she suffers, faces dejection, but ultimately comes on terms with her present life. 

In this book for young adults, author Revathi Suresh tries to unfold the perplexities of teens. For those who love Chetan Bhagat, will find this book interesting. 


Book: The Wordkeepers

Author: Jash Sen

Price: Rs.225

Publisher: Duckbill

Genre: Fiction 

The book is first of a trilogy by first time writer JashSenwhich is partly mythological in character and partly modern. The book starts with the end of Kurukshetra war 5,000 years back. 

Ashwatthama is cursed by Krishna after he sets the tent on fire, and sent to earth as a leper immortal. The narrative jumps to the present times, where a teenage girl Anya’s mother Tanya has been kidnapped by Kali, which is the personification of yug. Tanya has managed to pass on the amulet to Anya, who is on her way to find the cursed immortal. 

Amidst the characters from Hindu mythology, a Muslim boy, Bilal claims to have a special gift. The village is enraged after he dismisses tales about prophecy. Scared of death, he and his friend, Rafiq go into hiding, where Rafiq is killed mistakenly. 

The lives of Anya and Bilal need to converge in order to find their common enemy. Will they be able to find each other and fulfill the old prophecy? Sen takes on us an adventurous journey in her debut thriller meant for young adults.

Book: Alice in Deadland

Author: MainakDhar

Price: Rs. 199

Genre: Fiction 

Fifteen years of post apocalyptic India is more like a war zone now, Deadland, where survived humans face a new threat of undead Biters. Fifteen year old Alice is caught between the devil and the deep sea as she spots a Biter disappearing in the hole. Alice, who has been brought up to use guns and knives in the war for survival, finds herself in a new world as she follows the Biter. The only option she has is to kill or get killed. 

In the zombie adventure, Alice discovers the hidden conspiracies responsible for the ruin of humanity and Deadland. She also finds herself to be a part of the prophecy based on a book- Alice in Wonderland. 

Mainak Dhar in this Amazon ebook bestseller weaves the story of adventure to appeal to young readers. He already has thirteen books to his credit, and this book is one more feather added to his cap.


Book: The Wisdom of Ants, Short History of Economics

Author: Shankar Jaganathan

Publisher: Westland books

Price: Rs. 295

Genre: Non- fiction 

The book is a peep in the history of understanding the philosophy of economics. The author has taken the example of the fable where ants were busy gathering food all summer and grasshopper lived a carefree life, until winter came and he was left starving.  As per him, humans, in the process of growth, learnt the tricks of the trade to survive the challenges of modern world. 

The book tries to explain the historic perspective given by four major civilisations of the world: European, Islamic, Indian and Chinese. The book also envisages the three major challenges of the 21st century —Income and wealth inequality, implications of self-centeredness and the growth fetish reflected in GPD measure.  

Author of the book, Shankar Jaganathan is a Chartered Accountant who is passionate about economic history, sustainability practices and corporate governance. This is his second book after Corporate Disclosures: The Origin Of Financial And Business Reporting. Foreword of the book is written by Azim Premji, a business tycoon in India who recommends the book to form one’s own opinion on economic issues rather than borrowed views. Written in simple and lucid language, the book can appeal to all those who want to understand the world economics.

A brief introduction of a few new releases in the world of books
Souzeina Mushtaq Delhi

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