IT raids on Karnataka Energy Minister, Rs 9 crore recovered

Published: August 2, 2017 - 16:44

Bengaluru: Income Tax Department conducted raids at multiple locations linked to Karnataka energy minister DK Shivakumar, including his office and properties in Bengaluru.  Raids were also conducted at a Resort where Shivakumar was temporarily staying to look after the safety of 42 MLAs from Gujarat who were brought to the City after 6 MLAs were lured by BJP ahead of the Rajya Sabha election in Gujarat on August 8.

Congress leaders, including Water resources minister M B Patil cried hoarse on the raids and alleged that it was a political vendetta played by the Central Government at the behest of the State BJP. According to reports two teams of IT officials raided the house of Shivakumar's relatives in Mysuru and seized documents. High Drama was witnessed as Shivakumar, who arrived at the Resort from Delhi, could not alight from his car. He was later brought to his residence at Sadashivnagar, with a large number of supporters protesting against the raid. 

However, IT officials took him inside from back door amidst heavy security. Armed personnel and local police personnel were trying to disperse the crowd which came near the car to have a glimpse of him. Raid was also held at his Delhi residence and Shivakumar was questioned by the IT officials. According to sources raids were held simultaneously at about 39 places including his residence, office in Delhi, in the City and his native district Kanakapura. The Income Tax Directorate, in a statement here, said that the timing of the search was decided well in advance and it had nothing to do with the Legislators from Gujarat camping at the resort. The event involving certain MLAs of another state being brought to Karnataka were unforeseen and unpredictable events, it said adding that the search was in continuation of an investigation which was in progress for a considerable period of time.

The department said that it was not concerned with the stay of MLAs from the other state in the resort and was also not in contact with them.

(With inputs from UNI)