The curious case of Monika Ghurde

A year after a 39-year-old perfumer was found murdered in her flat in Goa, there are several questions about the official version of the crime that have been left unanswered. What has further raised the possibility of the version being a cover-up is the fierce secrecy pervading Ghurde’s social circles. Will justice prevail?

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Why the Mahmood Farooqui Judgment is Deeply Flawed

The sentencing of writer and dastangoi performer Mahmood Farooqui on charges of rape has raised many issues about the new law and the manner in which it is encouraging carceral feminism. Author, academician and activist Manisha Sethi has serious views on this judgement. We are publishing her article for readers who are keen to engage more with this complex, but important issue-Editor
Manisha Sethi Delhi 


Save our Women” is an independent and most interesting report on crimes against women in Uttar Pradesh (UP). The report was written by social activists Shefali Misra and Hema Badhwar Mehra, both Aam Aadmi Party contestants in the last Lok Sabha elections. Appalled by the ever increasing abuses suffered by women in UP, Misra and Badhwar—hailing from Sitapur and Badaun, respectively—decided to revisit Badaun, Bareilly and Mishrikh.