April 2009

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Election 2009 : Alienation, angst and the feeling of betrayal will decide the Muslim vote Election 2009

The government and the police have mishandled the fight
Rakhi Chakrabarty Azamgarh/ Delhi

Samarth Pathak Delhi

Mayawati's promise to end goonda raj has turned out to be hollow rhetoric
Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow


Since the days of en masse voting are over and the Muslim vote-bank is a misnomer..... Prabhat Sharan Mumbai

Upbeat after the BJP-BJD split, Naveen Patnaik is haunted by the ghosts of Kandhamal
Amit Sengupta Bhubaneswar

The revolution is still unfolding, despite the US blockade and relentless hounding of this small island nation. The Cuban ambassador’s critical response to Janette Habel’s article in Hardnews

The Congress is confident of breaking new ground, but going it alone might be a risky venture on the ground Akash Bisht Delhi

Chowdhury hints why this scam was allowed to perpetuate even when its nature and modus operandi were known at the top. Interestingly, he says that the rupee-rouble trade agreement was, at every stage, negotiated by Manmohan Singh in different capacities
Sanjay Kapoor  Delhi


Moscow has worked to regain political will and military capability and its role in Syria has put it at centrestage alongside the US in the oil-rich region
Lt Gen Rameshwar Yadav Delhi

Hardnews met with Secretary Varghese to hear his views on Islamic State, gangster Chhota Rajan and the Adani Group’s investments in Australia.  Excerpts
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi  

More than 5,000 people with mental illness are currently imprisoned across India and despite the law’s corrective measures, little has been implemented

Madhurima Dhanuka