APRIL 2012

APRIL 2012

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From zero to 17, in just about three years, the great success story of Panna Tiger Reserve can become a fantastic role model for tiger conservation across the Indian landscape 
Akash Bisht Hinauta Gate, Panna 

What is it like to be a policeman in Kashmir today?
Wasim Khalid Srinagar

Famous for its tigers and diamonds, not many know that Panna Tiger Reserve’s colossal cliffs are also home to seven different species of vultures
Akash Bisht Panna

In Arunachal Pradesh, political changes are often linked to the
dam lobby’s corporate interests
Vijayan MJ Delhi

Natives of the Niyamgiri hills, Dongarias feel Vedanta rules the country, not the government. ‘Yet it cannot take our mountains, forests, rivers, the wild’
Purusottam Singh Thakur Bhubaneswar

R S Murthy, Field Director, Panna Tiger Reserve, sharing his vision with Hardnews
Akash Bisht Panna

Editorial: April 2012
Hardnews Bureau Delhi