APRIL 2013

APRIL 2013

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Arrested, tortured and acquitted after the Mecca Masjid blasts, Raisuddin is stalked by fear after the Hyderabad blasts
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi 

Modi has used encounter tactic to create an impression that his own life is constantly under threat from potential assassins who,of course, are Muslims. The fact is that around 25-30 encounter killings in Gujarat were fabricated to bolster this ridiculous impression
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi


The J&K Police Bill being called an extension of AFSPA evokes criticism from all quarters
Fahad Shah Delhi/Srinagar 

The massive and insatiable land grab in Africa by multinationals, including from India, marks an inevitable catastrophe
Anuradha Mittal and Nickolas Johnson Oakland/California (US) 

Fanatics and real estate sharks are instigating simmering communal tension in the heart of Delhi. If it remains unresolved, this could be a ticking time-bomb
Akash Bisht Delhi 

Ajay Bhardwaj’s ‘Punjab Trilogy’ breaks the loud conformity of the commercial narrative and resurrects the syncretic aesthetic of stoic silences across popular consciousness on the margins
Asad Zaidi Delhi

Far from tackling poaching with intelligence inputs, the WCCB is involved in petty ego issues
Akash Bisht Delhi

Career women look forward to rewarding, fulfilled lifestyles in old age, while many of them are opting for early retirement
Shwetha E George Kottayam 

CAG report indicts the Gujarat government for showering undue favours to corporate groups leading to massive losses
Himanshu Upadhaya Bengaluru