APRIL 2014

APRIL 2014

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A coming of age film that shifts the focus away from the male gaze to deliver a superb performance that  celebrates being a woman
Aakshi Magazine Delhi 

The elections in India’s most populous state will not be fought over roads and development, but over a perceived and manufactured threat to the sovereignty of the majority
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Can the BJP’s electoral strategy provide the winning formula to beat the regional parties in Uttar Pradesh?
Walter Andersen & Allison Berland Kaul Delhi 

The division of the Muslim voting block and the aftermath of the Muzaffarnagar riots have strengthened the BJP in Western UP, but the region still baffles poll predictors
Sadiq Naqvi Rampur/Sambhal/Moradabad/Bijnor 

Dissension in the party, and a fast-diminishing vote share for the BJP have put Rajnath Singh’s Lucknow prospects under a cloud
Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow 

If Modi succeeds in redefining the Backward castes discourse in Uttar Pradesh, it might hugely alter the electoral outcome in the coming Lok Sabha polls
AK Verma Kanpur 

This backward region is likely to be split on polarizing lines between Modi and Mulayam
Farzand Ahmed Lucknow 

Yogendra Yadav, the psephologist-turned-politician hasn’t lost any of his glibness while dodging crucial questions, or even resorting to contradictions when the heat is turned on him
Sadiq Naqvi & Souzeina S Mushtaq Mewat 

 Jaded by the empty promises of the Congress and BJP, Muslims are looking to the debutant AAP for solutions
Souzeina S Mushtaq Delhi

Everyday issues faced by people occupy a prominent place in the party’s manifesto for the millennium city and its surroundings
Souzeina S Mushtaq  Gurgaon 

The recent referendum in Crimea which showed voters wanted to join Russia was a serious blow to Ukraine, says Mykola Riabchuk. Excerpts from an exclusive interview with Hardnews
Mehru Jaffer Lucknow