August 2009

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Editorial: August Hardnews Bureau

Presence of nuclear weapon in the hands of Islamabad would restrain US and India from looking at options of splitting a country that is rapidly fraying at the margin. Sanjay Kapoor Sharm-El-Sheikh (Egypt)/Delhi

Now that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s infinite wisdom has put Balochistan on the agenda, let’s talk self-determination Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

It is now only a question of time before the demand for the reunification of all their people becomes a rallying call for the Pashtun nation across the artificial, colonial Afghan border Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

Indians are mingling with Pakistanis to find out “what is happening inside”. On hindsight, Pakistanis seemed to have greater understanding. They talk about Indian interference in Balochistan and resumption of composite dialogue Sanjay Kapoor Sharm-El-Sheikh

It’s abysmal lack of development and injustice which have provided the Maoists a fertile ground to spread. But the State seems clueless Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi

Celebrating three decades of incredible theatre, magical Motley continues to experiment with truth Reema Gehi Mumbai

Post-Obama, Syria wants an end to the international isolation enforced by the Bush administration Shubha Singh Damascus

And why is the BJP in Madhya Pradesh celebrating the acquittal of the murder accused? Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi

After decades of condemnation, tribals in western Orissa have liberated their land. Interestingly, in this Maoist stronghold, this unique movement is non-violent Bibhuti Pati Narayanpatna, Koraput (Orissa)

Is the multi-crore ‘magnificent success’ called Delhi Metro turning out to be a holy cow? Hardnews opens a public debate on a touch-me-not issue Dunu Roy Delhi

This land struggle is proving to be a turning point for Dalits in Punjab. Even while feudal and State power unleashes another chapter of injustice Akash Bisht Mansa (Punjab)