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It’s our inability to talk about Kashmir outside the framework set by popular media, government propaganda and the rhetoric of nationalism, that fails us in the eyes of Kashmir today
Smita Singh Bangalore/ Srinagar

Tired of warmongering and bloody terrorism, the people of India and Pakistan want authentic peace. Yet, every time there is a possibility of peace, the hawks on both sides manufacture an inevitable disaster
Sanjay Kapoor Islamabad (Pakistan)

With Amit Shah’s arrest, horror stories of the political and police mafia in Gujarat, are spilling over
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

Pushing public health to life-threatening dangers, substandard drugs are flooding the Indian market
Akash Bisht Delhi

First, we constructed barbed wires. Now we are manufacturing bad faith, alienating the minorities, attacking the secular soul across the borders. It’s time we heal wounds. Give peace and justice a chance
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

After the genocide in 2002 and a string of fake encounters targeting Muslims, the ‘Hindutva lab’ is again active. Now, secular social activists are being branded as Maoists and jailed
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

African footballers are jazz musicians, they play by ear. They don’t need a written score, just the array of chord progressions and scale they are born with
Hartman De Souza Pune

Editorial: August
Hardnews Bureau

Is the tourism lobby of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, which sees profits slipping if tigers are moved out, really behind the controversy surrounding tiger inbreeding? Or does declining genetic diversity seriously endanger India’s national animal?
Akash Bisht Sariska/Jaipur

Mobile banking is one of the services that many public sector banks are using to reach out to the unbanked. Hardnews explores mobile phones and m-banking in this special supplement.
Shaweta Anand Delhi

The Business Correspondent model is the new buzzword in the field of technology-driven innovative banking services. Will it help usher in greater economic security for the poor?
Hardnews Bureau

Relentless, rising prices have severely hit the aam aadmi where it hurts the most. But the UPA regime cares two hoots
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi