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Even before the full implications of the LIBOR fixing were available came reports of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation funnelling hundreds of millions of dollars to Al-Rajhi Bank of Saudi Arabia through its London branch. 
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Was the Maruti violence stage-managed? Did a section of aggressive union leaders go berserk?  Or, was it infinite angst becoming sudden explosion?
Amit Sengupta / Sadiq Naqvi Manesar (Haryana) 

In these urban village ghettos hidden inside the intestines of the golden zone of big brand big business, contract workers die a daily death
Amit Sengupta/Sadiq Naqvi  Aliyar Village, Manesar (Haryana) 

DL Sachdev, Secretary, All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), speaks to Hardnews 

Hardnews investigates the horrific underworld of bestiality and sexual abuse inside a government-backed shelter home for children and girls in Haryana. With influential link-ups in this perverse syndicate, is there a massive cover up being engineered from the top?
Sadiq Naqvi Rohtak (Haryana)

...The visitor’s book revealed visits by dignitaries like Deputy Commissioner. Judicial Magistrates, Sub-Divisional Magistrates… etc. However, none seemed to have interacted with children to get a feel of the ground reality and the treatment meted out to the children. The existing CDPO (Child Development Programme Officer) Ms Monika Khanna feigned ignorance and claimed that she had recently joined and as such could not produce any inspection reports on the home.

Excerpts from the High Court Appointed Panel report who met the inmates 

Nothing existing remains intact and the new is being created every moment. In the modern era of economic reforms and globalization, that is the biggest challenge before the working class movement
Krishna Jha Delhi

As long as we act, either as legally appointed dacoits or as patrons bearing a new ‘white man’s burden’ in all the racist senses, we will remain complicit in genocide
Karen Gabriel and PK Vijayan Delhi

Face to Face:  Ajit Jogi, first Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh
Akash Bisht Delhi

Face to Face: Dr Harsha Vardhana Singh, Deputy Director General of World Trade Organisation
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Pakistan will have to focus on bilateral trust building: with US, Afghanistan and India. This sounds daunting but there is no alternative to stronger diplomatic engagement
Raza Rumi Kabul