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Editorial: December

The UAE’s best laid plans, however, could come under pressure if Dubai’s debt proves to be heavier than it is being made out to be Sanjay Kapoor Dubai

Until the government forgets about maintaining the high Sensex levels, it’s nearly impossible to check frauds. The Market and the government work in tandem to help each other’s interests Akash Bisht Delhi

If Abu Dhabi and the West do not refuel Dubai, the big casualty would be millions of workers from South Asia who see this desert city state as a profitable getaway PN Gupta Dubai

The Dubai bust should hold a lesson for all our leaders. Money doesn’t grow in deserts. You can only build an economy the old fashioned way. That is, by saving and investing in industrialisation Mohan Guruswamy Dubai

Migrant workers from India are going to be hit real hard by the Dubai debacle Sumiran Preet Kaur Delhi

Even as the government flexes muscle, villagers are refusing to give their land to the multinational steel giant Satya Sivaraman Dhinkia, Jagatsinghpur (Orissa)

Muslims would have rejoiced if the Jamiat had campaigned for establishing first-rate modern schools in Muslim neighbourhoods. Instead, they sought to obstruct even the feeble attempts of the government to modernise thousands of madrasas Arshad Alam Delhi

That’s the dark irony: you can leave Kashmir, but Kashmir never leaves you
Majid Maqbool Delhi

Shivaji is a monument in Maharashtra today. But what of the men who engage with this monument through their life’s experience? And, what of their ballads?
Aritra Bhattacharya Mumbai

A French photographer flies on hot air balloons and records how a ravaged planet called earth prepares for apocalypse now!
Sumiran Preet Kaur Delhi

The right to information campaign has unnerved the local bureaucracy in India. No wonder, they are hatching dubious conspiracies to block the dogged ghostbusters
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi