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The internal ideational flux in China impels it to behave like an independent superpower. India needs to discover what it wants in a changing international environment
Zorawar Daulet Singh Delhi 

To stay relevant in global trade, India needs to adopt broader standards in trade policy that go beyond markets and investments
Harsha Vardhana Singh Geneva 

Asymmetric threats have redefined war, and the Internet revolution has blended the product and service world like never before. Imperilled by fiscal stress across the developed world, particularly in the US, a major transformation is underway in modern warfare
Vivek Lall Delhi


The trial court’s verdict in the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case throws up more questions 
in the five-year-old murky saga
Souzeina Mushtaq Delhi 

Will the efforts of the Congress and the emerging Third Front to convert the Modi vs Others battle into a ‘development vs secularism’ one succeed?  
AK Verma Kanpur

From our archives, an extraordinary article by Prof MSS Pandian, which challenged the dominant narrative and myth making around economic growth. Pandian, an academic par excellence,died prematurely on November 10

The world will be looking at Afghanistan when it goes for elections in April 2014, which if they do take place, will be in the face of insurmountable odds
Srinivas Rao Sohoni Pune

The information age has upended the power structures that conventionally aided- nation-states in dominating warfare. Power, now, is based on access to and reserves of information
Zachary Tichauer Bushnell Delhi

The recent tragedies in Bangladesh’s retail garment sector have provoked unsettling questions about the nature of fashion and an oppressive industry
Leah Borromeo London

With smartphone devices greatly outnumbering sales of personal computers, are we on the cusp of a paradigm shift?
Rajiv Rao Delhi