Our 14 year special on the politics of food in India

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The “kuzhi-appakaaral” qualifies without exception as the most remarkable kitchen utensil ever made in the history of implements and put to the most salubrious of uses

To stem a rising wave of vegetarianism sweeping north and west India, several individuals and organisations are working to develop a counter-narrative

The complex history of the dining habits, etiquette, and preparations of food in Avadh showcases the mingling of civilisations, yet we now live in reactionary times

The current concern around India and its issues pertaining to food are different, but I would like to say that the modern state has always been interested in the diet of its subjects.

In West Bengal, those who left their homes in Bangladesh still feel a sense of longing for the food they left behind 

Given that a majority of Indians consume meat, why is a democratically elected government trying to dictate what people should eat?

At a time when a vitriolic political campaign to define what India eats is intensifying, let’s not overlook the wisdom in celebrating India’s diverse food palette.

You can love this strong-smelling bulb and salivate, or you can just find it overpowering. Either way, garlic is at the heart of the culinary conversation in India

By laying emphasis on sharing of food in fellowship, Arab and Iranian influences revolutionised simple Indian food. The influence is palpable in much of what India eats today