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Anybody can be picked up, branded as Maoist and jailed, beaten up, smashed, charged with dubious cases, ordinary people are killed, tribal women get raped and assaulted.....
Harsh Dobhal Dantewada/Delhi

Never reconciled, in their loved land, born from the pangs of history, the Telangana movement resurrects in the hearts of young students like fire and fury, waiting to become rivers of self-respect and equality. Will it, this time?
Manjusha Madhu Hyderabad

What’s added to the fun is the filmmakers have taken all the Bollywood clichés and turned them around just as their 3 idiots would
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi

Organised corruption, drug-trafficking, warlords and terrorism. And the most corrupt are those responsible for upholding law and order
Mehru Jaffer Vienna

Editorial: February

Every word in this cover story is stretching the threshold of disbelief, desperately seeking the wisdom of a constitutional democracy, subverted by those who are extracting the final juices of democracy
Amit Sengupta Delhi

Haunted by scams, absolute lack of transparency and accountability, and a pronounced anti-poor stance, it’s time to open the tightly shut windows of the higher judiciary in India
Prashant Bhushan Delhi

Between democracy and darkness stands the judiciary. It stands heads and shoulders above the judicial systems in Asia. But it is in rapid decline. Ahead is pitch darkness
Colin Gonsalves Delhi

The revelations of Ruchika Girhotra’s case left the entire nation shocked.
Akash Bisht Delhi

It took 25 years to register a case against Congress politician, Sajjan Kumar, widely accused to be the leader of a mob in west Delhi which burnt, looted, raped and killed Sikhs
Amit Sengupta Delhi

If educated women or those from influential families find it difficult to engage with the police, what can poor women in the margins do?
Sumiran Preet Kaur Delhi

So what about justice for 42 Muslims killed in Hashimpura by the PAC — 22 years ago?
Akash Bisht Delhi