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Vrinda Grover is a feminist-activist, women’s rights advocate, and an eminent human rights lawyer. In a distinguished career she has taken up several public interest cases, including the Maliana-Hashimpura case... 
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi 

The Jaipur meet is evidence that for Rahul Gandhi this is not a path strewn with roses
Sadiq Naqvi Jaipur

The new Congress vice-president will find it very hard to overthrow vested interests
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

The ‘Laxman rekhas’ can no longer appear ‘natural’ – each of them is being met with defiance 
and resistance
Kavita Krishnan Delhi

A thousand new stories have taken wing. Hopefully, these will be resurgent new mythologies, transforming women’s tomorrows
Ratna Raman Delhi 

The challenge before us is: after all the public transport in our cities is fitted with GPS systems and CCTVs, all the tinted film removed, all drivers, conductors and cleaners screened, and all PCR vans are on 24-hour alert, how do we neutralise the cultures of masculinism that are bred in our families, stalk our streets?
Ritu Menon Delhi

Haneke directs Amour in his characteristic austere, objective and disturbing style, yet his unsentimental look is not unsympathetic
Sonali Ghosh Sen Kolkata

Madiha Gauhar dwells upon the struggle and dilemmas of a political theatre group in conversation with Ritu Sinha in Delhi

The idea of rape is implicit in ideologies of nationalism and community. This becomes explicit in rapes that occur during communal riots, or in ethnic conflicts, where rape plays the same role as mutilation of the soldiers’ bodies at the LoC
Karen Gabriel Delhi

When men in uniform rape, they act with impunity. They can get away with it again and again. Perhaps there is no greater cause of the Maoist conflict and insurgency in the Northeast than the injustice of unpunished rapes and killings
Felix Padel  Jaipur

In this year of horrors and crony capitalism, ‘industrialists’ prospered who managed huge acquisition of State-owned natural resources, long-term concessions and huge lines of credit from State-owned banks
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

Despite the hawks on TV channels, it would be dangerous to let the LoC incident snowball — especially with elections nearing
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi