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The lyrical and visual genius of patachitra folk artists is poised at a threshold of being and nothingness
Aritra Bhattacharya Medinipur/Kolkata (West Bengal) 

Both BJP and Congress are divided houses. Despite the daggers drawn inside his party, will an astute Ashok Gehlot make it?
Sadiq Naqvi and Akash Bisht Jaipur

Even as thick-skinned officials and politicians have turned the Indian Olympic Association into a terrible mess, India’s women sports icons have coined a new slogan: Leave sports to players
Pushpa Achanta Bengaluru 

Tiger overpopulation in the Ranthambore reserve is leading to aggression, against both fellow tigers and humans
Akash Bisht Ranthambore (Rajasthan)


She was raped outside our house by men who pulled her out, pulling out her clothes in the verandah. She was totally helpless because of her pregnancy
Hardnews Bureau Delhi