JULY 2013

JULY 2013

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The Supreme Court judgment in the Glivec case is a landmark instance of Third World jurisprudence tackling big pharma ‘mischief’
Dwijen Rangnekar Coventry (UK) 

For decades, Kenya has been a safe haven for dictators, drug cartels, smugglers and terrorists. Today, thousands of Kenyan families affected by substance abuse may sleep with a sigh of relief
Dikul Shah Delhi 

The film scores over the book in its instant appeal. It is tight and full of action, and Mira Nair’s additions to the plot bring it to life. Seen by itself, the film would have satisfied us
Peggy Mohan Delhi 

Uranium mining in Jharkhand is leading to mass poisoning and slow death of adivasis
Tarun Kanti Bose and PT George Sunder Nagar (Jamshedpur) 

Is not Narayana Murthy’s return to Infosys with his son a grim reminder of our feudal politics?
Bhupendra Yadav Delhi 

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