JUNE 2009

JUNE 2009

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Congress must embrace an inclusive agenda based on the recognition that market-driven economic processes cannot deliver social opportunity or minimum needs..... Praful Bidwai Delhi

Do the election results say anything about the future of democracy, secularism and development in the country? The shocking truth is that trickle-down has no empirical foundation whatsoever ASEEM SHRIVASTAVA DELHI

By resolutely eliminating corruption in power structures, removing tainted ministers and by pushing reforms for the majority of poor in the margins, the PM can actually shift the paradigm Hardnews Bureau

Mayawati’s magic is fading. Her politics is in decline. Even Dalits are ditching her Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

Unless the CPM puts its house in order, it has to remain in political wilderness for decades ahead. Even Left Front partners can desert it sounding the death knell for the party
Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi/Kolkata

A slew of celeb shows and crores spent did not attract young voters.... Samarth Pathak Delhi

People refuse to be taken for a ride anymore. They will no more accept half measures and betrayals Amit Sengupta Delhi

India’s domestic compulsions barred it from being seen as an active ally of the Rajapaksa........ Brajesh Kumar Delhi

The future of this region lies in the twin movements of decentralising all forms of centralised power while putting....... Satya Sivaraman Bangkok

Intelligence sources do not rule out the possibility of Prabhakaran being killed on May 13 ...... Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

The British people are sympathetic to the Gurkha issue but Prime Minister Gordon Brown has failed to gauge the public mood Sophia Furber London

South Korea is redefining the rules of democracy by rejecting hard economic and military might and adopting aesthetic and humanist principles, including universal human rights in Asia Satya Sivaraman Gwangju South Korea