JUNE 2010

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In light of the National Investigation Agency's(NIA) U-turn with regards to the Malegaon blasts case it is important to revisit and reassess the circumstances in which Hemant Karkare the head of ATS was killed. The NIA has cast aspersions on the manner in which the Anti-terrorism squad(ATS) led by Karkare conducted the investigation and allegedly found the hand of Right wing hindu organisations like Abhinav Bharat. The new NIA chargesheet threatens to overthrow the findings made by Karkare
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

June: Editorial
Hardnews Bureau

Sleazy and wild ‘hen parties’ with male strippers. The underground party scene for affluent ladies in Delhi marks a new high and a new low
Prateek Chauhan Delhi

Even health schemes are put on hold to fund the 12-day extravaganza. Secrecy, evictions, galloping costs, fund diversion and sheer illegalities — yet another report brings out the dirty truth about CWG
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

The Orissa government, backed by the Centre, brutally unleashes the police on its own people to keep its promise to Posco. Will the people overcome the challenge and save their life, land and livelihood from absolute ruin?
Bibhuti Pati Jagatsinghpur (Orissa)

The Naveen Patnaik regime has unleashed the terror of police and party goons to push the Tata steel plant at any cost. Even if democracy is crushed at gun-point
Bibhuti Pati Kalinganagar (Orissa)

Following the tiger trail, Hardnews talks to four MPs on what it takes to save the big cat
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

If the situation in Afghanistan is so desperately serious, why is the US running away from the bitter realities on the ground?
Shrinivasrao S Sohoni Kabul

Why do governments in India refuse to accept mass malnutrition and starvation deaths, while the reality is so intensely stark, widespread and tragic?
Shaweta Anand Delhi

If the Naxalites can muster ‘company strength of forces’ to battle with the government, it may not be without support from those who feel angry at the inaction against massive corruption and blatant nepotism of the current system
MR Sivaraman Chennai

It’s the impoverished poor led by the Red Shirts who have taken on the dictatorship of the elite and military in Thailand. And, inevitably, the rebellion will flare up again
Satya Sagar Bangkok/Delhi

When women opted to teach a long time ago, they opted out of unequal lives and enabled other women to add dignity and dimension to stultifying lives. Today, women remain single, teach and educate, occasionally even inspire and illuminate
Ratna Raman Delhi