JUNE 2011

Cover Story and Featured Stories

The prime minister’s imaginative Africa initiative might create a new non-aligned discourse in economic and social relations, which can decisively break clichéd colonial stereotypes
Sanjay Kapoor Dar-es-Salaam/Addis Ababa

Forgotten behind the curtains, discarded by the media, this young woman is waiting for one more chance. She will have to win the game again. She has no choice
Shikha Nehra Delhi

With stiff resistance and State violence, the colonial land acquisition policy is becoming a contentious issue across the country. Can the Sonia Gandhi-led NAC find a rational and humane solution?
Akash Bisht Bhatta/Parsaul

For the Left and for Bengal, it’s Future Tense
Amit Sengupta Delhi

The arrogance of power ate into the vitals of the Left whose leadership and cadre became complacent and autocratic. The massive defeat was expected
Seema Mustafa Delhi

Civilians are caught holding the proverbial bag: between American drones, Taliban suicide bombings, and the dubious empires of their corrupt leaders and generals. It’s time for an Arab Spring in Pakistan
Neetu Mahil Washington DC

The US may now follow through hard, drawing on the massive psychological impact of Osama’s killing
Shrinivasrao S Sohoni Kabul

In West Bengal’s collective memory, the political has always been informed by mass restlessness. The shifting of such upsurge away from the Left created a unique opportunity for Mamata Banerjee to seize the moment
Abhijit Kundu & Trinanjan Chakraborty Kolkata/Delhi

Badal Sarkar’s anti-establishment experimental theatre created a new genre of social enlightenment
Alpna Manchanda Delhi

The tiger survey has run into a hot controversy with scientists and conservationists putting a question mark on the new inflated numbers
Akash Bisht Delhi

Allow a single rose petal to float atop the drink. Drink deep to be alive in this summer
Ratna Raman Delhi

Mamata Banerjee is already being iconised into a hyperbolic mother/goddess symbol. Can she overcome the deadweight and thwarted aspirations of 34 years of Left rule?
Partha & Priyanka Mukherjee Kolkata