JUNE 2012

JUNE 2012

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The collective willingness to ban and burn books, intimidate authors, denounce this slight to that icon’s honour, is part of a creeping culture of political exchange in which public authority is all too ready to be coercive towards those it finds politically inconvenient
Harish Khare Delhi 

A nation which can’t introspect is bound to self-destruct
Amit Sengupta Delhi 

Websites, books, newspapers, cinema halls, magazines and mouths, all have to be thoroughly sanitised and only then opened in a country where narrow-mindedness and manual scavenging is everywhere 
Karen Gabriel Delhi

India isn’t faring as badly as is being projected by corporate houses and media hell-bent on opening up the economy for big business, come what may
Akash Bisht Delhi 

A Sunday morning set aside for worship, followed by fellowship, a communal gathering over refreshments, in itself imparts a peaceful rhythm to the mad pace of daily life
Jaya Bhattacharji Rose Delhi 

It’s time to recover and restore the untouchable
Sailen Routray Bengaluru

On the road and sea. From Delhi to Jerusalem, crossing Pakistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria. The convoy, all the way, celebrating the liberation of Palestine 
Bhupen Singh  Istanbul (Turkey)/Saida (Lebanon)

Editorial June 2012

Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

With great effort by the forest department, state government and locals, Manas National Park in Assam has seen a surge in the wildlife population, including tigers
Ravi Shankar Ravi Guwahati 

The cartoon episode depicts how the Ambedkar-icon is exploited to manipulate Dalit sentiments by vested interests for their selfish ends. This icon has also shielded the misdeeds of Dalit politicians and disoriented the Dalit movement 
Anand Teltumbde Kharagpur

This intolerance for other people and other ideas has now assumed the dimension of a full-blown epidemic and can no longer be viewed as sporadic, lunatic-fringe activity 
Ratna Raman Delhi 

Northeastern Indians living away from home are tested in an environment where bigotry often overpowers education and understanding
Samar Delhi