JUNE 2013

JUNE 2013

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No wonder, the book spins and spoofs the IPL: the hyped, sleazy, multi-billion cricket league run by the stunningly unaccountable, super, super rich BCCI
Sandeep Kumar Delhi 

The book also discusses Irom Sharmila’s decade-old struggle and fast against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and the steadfast support she enjoys among the people
Souzeina  Mushtaq  Delhi

So who is Madhuri Krishnaswamy and why is she in jail?
Kavita Srivastava Delhi

 ‘Pundlik’ by Dadasaheb Torne was released a year before ‘Raja Harishchandra’ and is actually the first Indian feature film. So why has the filmmaker’s legacy been eliminated from the Indian film industry?
Aditi Kamat Bengaluru 

Eating relatives in non-human forms sets into motion serious thinking about the absence of choice that characterizes the life of an animal
Ratna Raman Delhi