MARCH 2011

Cover Story and Featured Stories

The deceptive truth is, Jairam Ramesh has made crystal-gazing easier. Post Posco, there are no more surprises in store
Sandeep Bhushan Delhi

Uprisings against tyrants are not always in support of a pro-western, pro-market paradigm -— the picture that the western media is once again manipulating in West Asia
Harsh Dobhal Delhi

With astrologers failing him, Advani’s dream of becoming the PM has repeatedly crashed. So what makes the ageing Hindutva icon go on?
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

For Advani’s advisor S Gurumurthy, the end justifies any means, even unethical. Like wild allegations against the Gandhis in a BJP report, which made the ‘iron man’ apologise
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

The ‘flitterati’ art summit in Delhi worked like an efficient conveyor belt carrying bespoke baggage to a privileged minority
Ratna Raman Delhi

His first rath yatra led to Babri masjid demolition -- the blackest day in the history of India -- followed by riots all over. After that, all his yatras have failed. Now at 83 he is threatening yet another yatra. Will LK Advani ever retire?
Akash Bisht Delhi

In a rare interview, grassroots activist and intellectual, and original offbeat saffron thinker, KN Govindacharya speaks to Hardnews on why Advani, Modi, BJP, RSS and the Sangh has lost its way
Akash BIsht Delhi

DR Goyal, a former RSS member passed away on February 4,2013.In remembrance of the eminent historian, Hardnews is reproducing one of his interviews
Akash Bisht Delhi

If Hindutva terrorists were behind the blasts, why were innocent Muslims tortured and jailed?
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

To make a living he became a motor mechanic… He opened his own garage, which kept him so busy that he just couldn’t sing for four years. However, he did his riyaz. He claimed he had repaired and assembled 300 to 400 diesel engines
Amit Sengupta Delhi

In a petition to Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, initiated by civil society group Anhad, and signed by several eminent people, the focus has yet again shifted to ‘encounter specialists’ in the Delhi police, especially a certain police officer with a dubious track record. Excerpts from the petition:

So why are forest guards who protect the tiger from poachers treated like bait ready to be sacrificed?
Akash Bisht Sawai Madhopur