MARCH 2014

MARCH 2014

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Editorial: March 2014
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

In spite of a rising number of violent attacks targeting people from the Northeast, a deeply prejudiced society reinforces divisive lines and gets in the way of justice
Souzeina S Mushtaq Delhi 

Face to Face: Prakash Karat, CPM General Secretary
Sanjay Kapoor and Sadiq Naqvi Delhi 

Some of the movies you can expect to see at the 86th Academy Awards
Sonali Ghosh Sen Kolkata

The idea behind the alliance, according to Prakash Karat, CPM General Secretary, is to provide an alternative to the Congress and BJP that strengthens democracy, fights communalism and protects secularism

While the traditional and social media remain endlessly enthralled by the BJP-Congress binary, plans are afoot among regional parties to present an alternative front in the upcoming Parliament elections
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Hardnews discusses the politics of Third Front with the CPM General Secretary ( Click here to read first and second part of the interview)
Sanjay Kapoor and Sadiq Naqvi Delhi 

The coming together of these 11 parties makes this election a three-way contest
Sanjay Kapoor and Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

The JD (S) is banking on hopes alone to push up its tally in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections
Girish Nikam Delhi 

In keeping with that spirit, Sex and the Citadel does not leave out any subject that would have been thought to be “too bold”
Ranjita Biswas Kolkata 

Nevertheless, the book, despite its limitations, is a welcome addition in the ever-increasing literature on Indian Muslims
Mahtab Alam Delhi 

Tricked by the Congress and accused of betrayal by the BJP, Nitish Kumar is struggling to find new political idioms and new allies
Farzand Ahmed Patna