MAY 2012

May 2012

Cover Story and Featured Stories

Will the army chief opt for a political banner post retirement to reclaim his 'lost pride'?
Akash Bisht Delhi 

Mrinalini Singh, Gen VK Singh’s daughter, in conversation with Hardnews
Akash Bisht Delhi

It's time to open the doors of our borders. It's possible, this dream sequence of hope.
Sanjay Kapoor Lahore/Islamabad 

With the Taliban ousted and the Pakistan army in control, the SWAt valley has rediscovered its serenity
Sanjay Kapoor Swat 

Conversation with Hina Rabbani Khar, Foreign Minister of Pakistan
Sanjay Kapoor Islamabad 

In the past four months there have been 47 reported cases of forced conversion of young girls from minority communities. The hidden saga of young Hindu girls in Pakistan is an epic narrative of absolute horror
Zehra Nabi Karachi 

Their bodies have not been found. Their hands and eyes and skin and shirts and shoes and books and identities have not been found. They have not been declared dead by the Indian State or its armed forces
Amit Sengupta Delhi

Survivor meets Big Brother meets Battle Royale in an artfully poor District 12 and a Marie Antoinette inspired rich Capitol: that’s The Hunger Games
Sonali Ghosh Sen Kolkata

In his recent poem, Germany’s greatest living writer, Günter Grass, questions his government’s role in militarising West Asia, and talks of Israel’s nuclear arsenal as a threat to the world
Mehru Jaffer Vienna

Editorial: May
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

The underworld of THE INDIAN CAPITAL is like a schizophrenic, super rich city trapped in crime
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

It’s not often that the endemic malfeasance in the lucrative world of arms deals spills out in the open
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi