MAY 2013

MAY 2013

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The ‘Four Year Undergraduate Programme’ will maul the university’s fine resource heritage and its ‘School of Open Learning’ 
Ratna Raman Delhi

Editorial: May 2013 
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

The BJP is not certain of the benefits of Modi leading the campaign while it is keenly aware of the pitfalls — a deeply polarized election where all other issues such as corruption will be set aside and the national discourse will be focused on Modi
Poornima Joshi Delhi

Even if Nitish Kumar masquerades his opposition to Narendra Modi, he would not really cause any anxiety to the RSS as long as he supports the BJP in a post-poll scenario
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Face to Face with Manish Tiwari, Union Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Minister
Poornima Joshi Delhi

Face to Face with Vivek Chibber, Associate Professor at New York University
Sanjay Kapoor and Sadiq Naqvi Delhi 

 ‘BJP is a secular party,’ BJP president Rajnath Singh speaks to Hardnews
Akash Bisht Delhi

Aziz’s Notebook was written immediately after the events described, and is extremely powerful to read. Violent Belongings is an academic attempt to “trace the political economy of memory”
Jaya Bhattacharji Rose Delhi

Fountainhead of Jihad is a crucial document that goes beyond the usual rhetoric of ‘the Taliban’ and delves into the nuances of the insurgency
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

Three dead in a bomb explosion. Early morning police raids, brutality and demolitions. In this war zone against unarmed peaceful villagers, a mighty multinational and a repressive State have yet again united
Bibhuti Pati Jagatsinghpur (Odisha) 

David Barsamian, American Radio broadcaster in conversation with Sanjay Kak, documentary filmmaker in Chicago
Sanjay Kak Chicago 

It is unlikely that the journalists will get any part of their due salaries, and it is doubtful the lakhs of depositors who lost money will be compensated. Mamata’s claims are like that of Sudipta Sen and her MP, Kunal Ghosh
Rajesh Sinha Delhi