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Inside this abyss, Vidarbha is flooded with thousands of tales of tragedy. And the cold-blooded truth is, there is no end to this documentary of death and dying. Farmer suicides are only a symbolic pointer
Akash Bisht/Sadiq Naqvi Pandharkawada, Yavatmal (Maharashtra)

In the deep interiors of Yavatmal, crores of Rupees have been swindled by an organised mafia while poor villagers have been pushed into abysmal poverty 
Akash Bisht/Sadiq Naqvi Pandharkawada, Yavatmal 

While farmers suffer and their parched land craves water, most irrigation projects in Vidarbha worth thousands of crores of rupees have turned into gigantic scams
Akash Bisht/Sadiq Naqvi Pandharkawada, Yavatmal 

Hardnews enters the heart of darkness at Ground Zero in Vidarbha and discovers an infinite epic of tragedy amidst an epidemic of multi-crore irrigation, MGNREGS, Bt Cotton and other scams. From this epicentre of mass suicides of farmers, we bring you in-depth investigations and special stories from the deepest interiors
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Would those who encouraged the victimisers to kill in Gujarat be willing to apologise or make a conciliatory gesture to the victims? That would be a confession of guilt and guilt is what Narendra Modi is constantly denying 
Romila Thapar 

Many more public memorials to the dead are required. These may serve as constant reminders to us, heirs to a century of massacres, and spinners of dreams for a better world 
Mukul Mangalik 

We built a monument here, to the witness as storyteller, to the activist as historian. And to the spectator as a citizen who will not be allowed to forget
Shiv Visvanathan 

In South Africa, apartheid still exists. And workers suffer the most, exploited in sub-human conditions by white multinationals 
Ajay Kumar Johannesburg  (South Africa) 

The cliché of the ‘villainous Marwari’ continues to live in chauvinist Bengali minds
Garga Chatterjee Kolkata 

The fact is that ‘opened-up’ India is a node in the gigantic network of global capital that does not have any moral qualms about corruption. Can Arvind Kejriwal’s rhetoric arrest this monster? 
Anand Teltumbde Kharagpur (West Bengal) 

The story of Habib Tanvir is parallel to the story of the emergence of modern Indian theatre in independent India. His initiation coincides with the quest to redefine Indian theatre and other art forms around the 1940s with the formation of the Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA)
Salim Arif Mumbai 

Indeed, the ritual value of sadhvis is considerable. They give sermons, conduct prayers and take general charge of the spiritual needs of the laity
Namrata R Ganneri Mumbai