Our November issue is the final part in this three part series on China. Now set in the backdrop of the 19th Party Congress we are looking at China’s plan for the next thirty years. B.R. Deepak analyses Xi Jin Ping’s marathon speech .Our next article is by our editor Sanjay Kapoor, who traces the relationship between India and China, ever since PM Modi has assumed office in New Delhi and also the scrutiny the Chinese investment is undergoing in the neighbourhood.The next two stories focus on Chinese enlargement in Nepal and how it is being viewed in the Terai region. Followed by a detailed account of how the dynamics of the relations between India and China have changed in the wake of the Doklam standoff by Shanthie D’Souza. The last story of the cover is on the new Quad-Squad that Modi, Trump, Turnbul and Shinzo Abe are forming to counter the Chinese at sea.