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Thirsty saplings struggling to survive, stunted growth of crops, abandoned fields, dried up ponds: in the desert these are telling signs of prolonged scarcity and a winter of misery that is in the offing Rahul Ghai Bikaner

Pather Panchali is like a poem. So, how was the black and white narrative when it first arrived in a cinema hall in Calcutta? Partha Mukherjee & Priyanka Mukherjee Hooghly (West Bengal)

Right to freedom, mobility and work cannot be taken away, as migration is intrinsic to exile and survival
Mukul Sharma Delhi

The need to revisit Indian Penal Code’s Section 375 and expand upon it is felt now more than before Gajanan Khergamker Mumbai

Will the eco hot spot of Niyamgiri hills in tribal Orissa be ravaged by mining? Bibhuti Pati Lanjigada Koraput

If invaders play it easy, the mutiny can be forgotten
Ankita Chawla Delhi