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With the Ayodhya ‘pop judgement’ revival of extremism and fundamentalism seems to be on the cards
Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

You can feel it in the moist air, a new progressive, libertarian, liberating ethos. A Great New American Dream is blooming down the shimmering waters of the Willamette river
Amit Sengupta Portland/ Salem (Oregon)

From twilight zones to a sunshine rainbow, the consensus for a new, happy, uncomplicated meaning of life
Amit Sengupta San Francisco (California)

It’s not all rosy in America. The shadowlines are stark
Amit Sengupta

It’s tough. All odds are against us. But we are not turning back
Amit Sengupta

They share a history of daily brutality, but while Kashmir is seen as the core of India’s sovereignty, the Northeast languishes on the periphery
Patricia Mukhim Shillong

The beautification drive for the Commonwealth Games has led to the ruthless elimination of hawkers from public spaces. If this is not ethnic cleansing of our streets, what is it?
Ratna Raman Delhi

In his first two-day visit to India, Barack Obama can mark a paradigm shift in relations between the two large democracies in the world
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

A prelude to Barack Obama’s visit to India
Manohar Thyagaraj Washington DC

Recognising anganwadi workers as government employees will empower them and motivate them to work better
Shaweta Anand Delhi

Sansar Chand’s conviction might shake the underworld poacher’s empire. But what about the Barbarian Bawariyas?
Akash Bisht Delhi

If some films are sheer poetry, behind it is the unsung rigour of the editor’s craft. A tribute to the brilliant editor of Satyajit Ray’s films
Partha Mukherjee and Priyanka Mukherjee Kolkata