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‘Muslims should not react in an emotional way. They, in a peaceful, calm and non-violent way, should show that they don’t care about hatred…’
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

Even as waves of protests stalk the unhappy Indian landscape, the market fundamentalists of UPA II care two hoots
Amit  Sengupta Delhi 

With unethical practices ruling the Indian market, many dubious companies are selling the country down the drain, borrowing huge loans from public sector banks and buying assets abroad, and refusing to pay back their gigantic debts, even while the Indian State pampers them in the midst of scandals and scams
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Split wide apart, they are still playing snakes and ladders. An inside report on the many dubious games of Team Anna and its patrons 
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi 

Trigger- happy police went berserk on September 9 on the Kudankulam seashore against men, women and children
Vijayan MJ and Bhargavi DilipKumar Kudankulum/ Delhi 

‘There aren’t any failures, just learning experiences’
Vijayan MJ and Bhargavi DilipKumar Kudankulum 

There is no doubt that the political class is acting with absolute impunity, cocooned from any fear of castigation
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

The pieces on writers Ananmurthy and Kambara provide accounts of the relationship between the literary and political in Karnataka and India
Sailen Routray Bengaluru

Editorial: October 2012
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

There is an equilibrium in Sino-Indian affairs that makes recourse to force extremely improbable. Both now read their semaphores well and know how much of the sword must be unsheathed to send a message 
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi 

So what were the real causes of the 1962 India-China war? 
Zorawar Daulet Singh Delhi 

We had only three aircraft. The first one was given on a trial to India when the war broke out. The MH13 tank was the only one which could be loaded on to it. In three sorties, three tanks were sent to Trishul. That's how trisul was saved.
Akash Bisht/ Sadiq Naqvi   Delhi