A 100 years have passed since the world saw the first communist experiment in Russia. What has come to be known as the October Revolution changed the history of the world. Hardnews decided to critically looks back and invited Prakash KaratJairus Banaji, Sukumar Murlidhar and Amit Sengupta to write about the revolution and its place in Indian and global history

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India’s doctors increasingly use pharmacological solutions to treat mental health issues, but that may be leading us down the wrong path

Dr Alok Bajpai Kanpur

As the gaze of the world shifts to the status of mental healthcare, Hardnews visits the only State-run half-way home in Delhi and looks at the status of treated mental patients across India

One hundred years after the October revolution, will the young India dare to fight the rise of fascism

Amit Sengupta

The Indian government is faced with a challenging  task, that of job creation. Hardnews spoke to eminent economist Santosh Mehrotra on how the country can use existing policies to create millions of jobs.

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A hundred years after Red October, theory still lags behind in analysing and comprehending contemporary imperialism and capitalism and the changes they have wrought

Prakash Karat

Perhaps the principles that led the architects of the October Revolution have reasserted themselves with fresh relevance today

Sukumar Murlidharan

Unions are unequal in nature, Catalonia’s Independence leads to questions about how regions give more than they get

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