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Despite solemn rhetoric, blood diamonds and child soldiers continue to enact a sub-human trail of tragedy and savagery in the dirty wars of Africa.In the wake of the conviction of Charles Taylor implicated for genocide in Sierra Leone we reproduce this article published in Hardnews, September 2010
Meha Dixit Delhi

Editorial: September
Hardnews Bureau

Mayawati government is in the dock after allegations of corruption in the sale of four sugar mills
Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

Invariably, the rich man gets out of jail, while the penniless gets hanged. Indian prisons are full of such ‘criminals’
Hardnews Bureau

A lot of crimes are committed against women by men who have been taught to view women as less than equals
Ratna Raman Delhi

When it comes to organised crime, the line between underground and overground is thin. Between power politics and box office cinema, and audience consensus, this is the sleazy synthesis
Karen Gabriel Delhi

Classical Indian comics basically train young minds to suck up to the stereotypes of the status quo
Nandini Chandra Delhi

The Hindi pulp fiction thriller still entices and enthrals
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

As in the film Love, Sex aur Dhoka, new age crime among youngsters has become a Virtual Reality
Madhuri Balodi Delhi

Editor's Note: Bunty, the legendary thief, is back after a short stint as a reformed private detective. He cut through bullet proof glass, sophisticated alarm and remote controlled systems and broke through to steal a luxury car in Kerala- one of his favourite obsessions. We reproduce this profile of 'Bunty Chor' first carried in Hardnews September 2010.
Akash Bisht Delhi

Violence against women is rooted deep in the way girls are brought up to become ‘women’ and boys are made into ‘men’
Shaweta Anand Delhi

Shomita Mukherjee, a member of the IUCN Cat Specialist Group and the Species Survival Commission, speaks to Akash Bisht about the debate surrounding inbreeding.