September 2013

Cover Story and Featured Stories

While there is legitimate national outrage against the gangrape of the photo journalist in Mumbai, what about the trauma of the little girl, and her quest for justice?
Amit Sengupta Delhi 

The onus is on Obama: whether to give in to his allies’ urgings and attack Syria, or to bring forward the Geneva II meet
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Armed criminals and gangsters, greedy real estate agents, powerful politicians, corrupt locals, and miscellaneous shady lobbies work in open synthesis with the ‘sand mafia’ a stone’s throw away from the capital
Sadiq Naqvi Noida (UP) 

Editorial: September 2013
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Government sources allege that vested interests are deepening this crisis. So why is the currency falling far beyond the real exchange rate of rupees?
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

The growing opposition to nuclear projects in India is linked as much to the livelihood issues of rural people as to the changed realities of a post-Fukushima world. On both counts, a criminal denial seems to be the preferred option of the establishment
PK Sundaram Delhi 

The assassination of Olof Palme remains a mystery in the backdrop of the Bofors scam. Hardnews explores the hidden dimensions of this murder,  from Sweden to India
Gautam Pingle  Hyderabad

There is a saying about Caribbean Chutney music among exiled Indians — you can hear it with your ears, but you feel it with your heart and soul
Nishi Malhotra Washington 

There is still hope floating in this ‘forbidden land, a dangerous place’
Ash Narain Roy Sanaa/Taiz/ Mukalla (Yemen) 

The book under review is an anthology on Kashmir which ably chronicles the multiple and complex forms and layers of resistance, written mostly by Kashmiris living inside and outside the Valley
Mahtab Alam Delhi 

Amidst the chaos and the crowd, a new dream was quietly born within me. At first I laughed at it, then I accepted it, finally, I embraced it
Mehru Jaffer Lucknow 

The sea and its fruits are the eternally luminescent images in the lives of school students in the fishing village of Appikonda
Pamela Philipose Visakhapatnam