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Tracking the violence that has been rupturing Western UP for the past one year, Hardnews unravels the unholy alliance between demagogues and the local press in engineering riots
Sadiq Naqvi Meerut/Muzaffarnagar/Moradabad

Viewing women as persons with no agency, and Muslims as essentially sinister, are the twin pillars that support the concept of Love Jihad
Sanober Umar & Bhoomika Joshi Lucknow

Is the army on the ascent in Pakistan, where all signs are pointing to a weakening of the democratically elected government of Sharif?
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

The new PM, starting to deliver on electoral promises, fuels both hope and skepticism 
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Jayant Chaudhary, General Secretary of the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) and grandson of the late former PM Charan Singh, talks about the current upheavals in Jat politics in Western Uttar Pradesh
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

Face to Face: Tanweer Fazal, Associate Professor, JNU
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

Post the riots, there is a need for the articulation of the trauma of the survivors or we will risk the social death of a segregated community
Ghazala Jamil Delhi